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Meet The Staff Team

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Founder & Owner


Heyo! I'm Sparky, founder and current owner of TeamPawsMC.

I am also head-tech of the community we are sponsoring (Fauna City), owned by my wonderful fiancé Varghul. I enjoy keeping myself busy, be it with TPMC or at work. My favorite activity is cooking and my favorite color is blue! =^w^=

WARNING: Twitter contains NSFW content

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Co-Owner & Community Manager


Howdy, I am Freyja. I am the current Co-Owner and Community Manager for our lovely Discord. I participate in streams and host Freyja Fridays as well as run some things off site. My favorite color is purple. I also love creating music, art, and sometimes programs.

I am also in charge of maintaining our website and merch store. This includes creating custom designs and coding. 

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Admin & Community Assistant


Hewwo I'm GoldenWolf but my friends know me as golden or omni. I am the admin and community assistant on TPMC. I love to play games and garden. My favorite color is orange ^W^

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WoobWoof ❄#1777

Hiya I'm Wooby! I'm just a silly Alaskan Malamute who loves helping others, proud to be staff here on TPMC! I am a helper here to answer any questions or concerns you might have! I am a musician and I love playing guitar and piano. Some of my favorite games include Undertale, Osu, and VRchat, and my favorite colors are Blue/Dark Teal! I also like spicy chicken sandwiches more than any other fast food chicken sandwich. >:3c

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Hello! I'm Grid!


I'm one of the members of the wonderful TPMC Staff team, specifically an administrator designated to answer your questions and work to make your time here the most enjoyable it can be! I like to play games, from shooters, sandboxes, adventure, and even DnD! I'm an auto mechanic by trade, a college graduate, and an aspiring streamer! I also like McChickens more than any other fast food chicken sandwich. Hehe!

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Former Owner & Developer



Hai, I'm Diamond (or Shep)! I was the co-owner of TPMC from November to January of '20 - '21 alongside Sparky. I'm a helper that is excited to help wherever I can. I recently left my old job of accounting and am currently a Security Officer, so that's fun. Sparky and I met at Uni, and have been close friends since, so if you see us teasing each other, that's why . Trans M -> F so my colors kinda match TPMC's!

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