Using the sites, servers, or official social media of TeamPawsMC is agreement to follow all listed rules.



  1. Do not use racial slurs or derogatory jokes. Just don't be toxic.

  2. Be respectful towards all players. If you feel you must argue about an issue with another player, please keep it in your private messages.

  3. Do not advertise, endorse, or show dislike towards another server by use of name, IP, or invite link.

  4. Do not share personal information of yourself or any other player. This includes names, addresses (full or partial), or IPs.

  5. Do not spam.

  6. Do not abuse or attempt to overload the bots.

  7. Do not attempt to gain access to any unauthorized channel (ie: If you are not staff, you are not allowed in channels that display a key icon).

  8. Do not attempt to avoid a punishment.

  9. Do not use an alternative account.

  10. The SFW channel is to remain Safe For Work at all times. This means no sexually explicit or suggestive material, no profanity, no bullying or harassment, and no blood.

  11. Please refrain from pinging everyone (@everyone) without a valid reason to do so. If you are unsure if a reason is valid, please ask a Community Manager or Level 3 Staff.

  12. Do not impersonate staff or encourage staff to abuse their power.


Your rights as a player

As a player/user, you are entitled to the following:

  • At least 1 warning before heavy punishment is enacted.

  • Rationale for the punishment.

  • The right to request a meeting of staff to discuss your punishment or misuse of staff power.

TeamPawsMC reserves the power to revoke one or more of these rights for one or more players depending on the severity of the offense(s) and/or relevant circumstances.

If you receive a permanent ban from an official service (Sites, servers, or official social media), these rights expire 12 hours after the ban was issued.


Level 3 staff (owner, admins and moderators) have 1) the authority to issue punishment outside of these rules upon their discretion if it is deemed justified ex post facto and 2) final say about punishments. If you feel your punishment is unjustified, or a staff member may be abusing their power, you may discuss it with Level 3 staff on Discord via private messages or open a ticket regarding the matter on the forums. If you would like to open a ban appeal, you may do so by use of the forums. The owner has the power to assign a temporary moderator in the event of an absence. This temporary moderator will have all the power of a regular moderator, but will only hold the position for a short time (no more than than 3 weeks). If you would like to register as available to be selected as temp mod, please contact the owner via Discord private messages (ZintFoxx#1466). The reach of these rules applies to all of the TeamPawsMC sites, servers, and official social media.